The view from up here

It's like playing hide and seek with the lower half of your body...where did my feet go?!

I will never take the little things for granted anymore. Like seeing your toes while standing up, bending over, getting up from sitting down, rolling over in bed, sleeping through the night, going up the stairs, fitting under the water in a bubble bath, walking without waddling, hugging people without leaning forward to reach them (thanks bump)..*sigh. I'm depressing myself so I should probably stop.

I shouldn't be though {depressed}- it's not even my official due date yet. Not for another week (the 19th). But holy cow, I am SO READY to get this baby outta here. She packs quite a powerful punch these days and especially likes to do head butts (yowzers). Not that I've minded sharing my space with her all these months- for the most part she's been a friendly house guest. But my patience is running thin. And by 'running thin' I mean it's gone. haha.

(PUUUUSSSHHHH!!! ok...not quite yet...just practicing my facial expression)

(39 weeks! And yes...those are James' sweat pants)

My mom seems to think it's going to be rather soon since I had one last burst of energy over the weekend (which apparently happens before most women deliver?). I decided it was important to clean out/organize two closets downstairs and wash all of the sheets that we own. haha. It made me feel better anyway. Here's to hoping that she's right about that! [Don't moms know EVERY thing???]

At my doctor's appointment today I was 75% effaced and 3cm dilated. Halelujah! That means something is about to go down...right? If I don't go into labor by Monday when my next appointment is, we'll go ahead and set up a time to be induced next week.

Oh my gosh...look! It's the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!!!!

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