You are what you eat..so eat something cute!

We love finding new delicious places to eat. Well, we love to eat. Period. Since we've lived in the valley we've found some of the BEST little random places to eat. Wanna know?

Best burger, fries, shakes: Purple Turtle in Pleasant Grove
Best legit tacos: Diegos in Provo
Best Pizza: Nicolitalias (Provo) or Pizzeria 712 (Orem)
Best sushi: Sushi House in American Fork
Best Italian: Cucina Toscana ($) in Salt Lake or La Dolce Vita (not so $) in Provo

Wowzers. That's quality information right there.

And I think new to the list- best cupcakes: The Sweet Tooth Fairy in south Provo. Holy carp. (Yes, carp.) I first read about it on Nienie Dialogues.
As soon as I saw the pictures on her blog I knew it was a place worth visiting. Sooo we did.

I tried to balance a cupcake on my belly (because I can with a lot of things..and I'm that retarded to try with a lot of things), but these were too top heavy (HELLO FROSTING!). I've decided it's a problem I'm completely okay with.

James got a German chocolate cupcake (he could only eat half because he's not quite the cupcake pounder I can be). I got a raspberry lemonade cupcake (for then) and a peanut butter chocolate cupcake for later..heh.

They also have these things called cupcake shakes? I'll definitely be trying one of those soon...All in favor of this being my post-partum hospital treat? I!

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