5 minute makeover

I HATE shopping for sunglasses. Mostly because I'm really picky about the shape that they are. So when I find a pair I like, they're keepers until they're ruined or lost. Like a week ago I noticed the little charm thingy on the side fell out..but only on one side. After digging through my Mary Poppins style purse, I realized it was no where to be found, and all hope was lost. I was going to have to buy new sunglasses?!

Oh noes!

I looked in my craft crap instead and found some cute little brads that I figured I could rig something up with a little hot glue to cover up the hole.

I decided I needed a little more UMPHH so I added a little pink ribbon on one side for some pizazz.

(ba-da-ba-ba-baa) I'm lovin' it.

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