Hotdog eyes are focused eyes.

4th of July! One of my favorite holidays. I love that we celebrate our country's freedom and independence by blowing crap up. I seriously LOVE fireworks. There should be fireworks for every holiday.
However, my neighbors have signed their death warrant by deciding to shoot them off into the wee hours in the morning (seriously? even at 5am?).

Anyway. We had a good 4th. We just chilled during the day (I played spider solitaire for almost 2 hours straight....and only won one game..heh..). At night we went up to Thanksgiving Point to watch fireworks. Which is only a 15 minute drive (important detail for later). One thing that's pretty cool about living in a valley is when it comes to fireworks, you usually don't get a view of just one show. We could actually see about 4-5 different fireworks shows around before the one we were there to watch actually started. Pretty cool.

I love the whole feeling of 4th of July though. Little kids running around with sparklers and glow sticks, everyone sitting on picnic blankets and camping chairs, the smell of barbecues, people throwing footballs and frisbees. It's very Norman Rockwell.

One thing I definitely look forward to is my annual 4th of July hotdog. That's right. I eat one hotdog a year. Baby or not, this had to happen (only one wouldn't hurt right?). I also have to get a snow cone. Two very non-negotiable things when it comes to me celebrating my country's freedom.

Look at these serious hotdog eating eyes:

Now, borderline lazy eye: (I really don't have a lazy eye, but for some reason it totally looks like it in this one...)

At the park they had these little cow things for little kids to ride being pulled by a tractor. It was pretty funny. Reminded me of good ole' Lake Butler.

Oh, and remember how it took 15 minutes to get there? It took 1 hr and 45 min to get home because of all the traffic leaving. I almost peed myself.

I was hoping all of the fireworks (noise, lights, etc.) would freak my body out into labor. No such luck. She hardly even stirred. Dangit.

Good holiday everyone. Let's do it again.

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