Summertime, and the livin' is easy

"A word's just a word, til you mean what you...BAARFFFFFF!" So went our 4th grade music fest practice today, as we're all lined up on the stage practicing where to stand/how to stand/how not to annoy your neighbor. Poor girl, completely projectile vomited all over everything. Thank GOODNESS she was on the first row so it hit the floor and only some of some other boy's back. I usually have a pretty strong stomach, but I had to take a quick step out of the gym to get some fresh air. Bleghhhaaggh. Not sure what she ate for breakfast, but it was not kind to her. This is why I've decided I could never be a kindergarten teacher and have to deal with much more of that, in addition to many "accidents" of other sorts. Rock on kindergarten teachers, you deserve a raise.

So I went against everything I've EVER believed in. (*Prays Nisha and Nicole aren't reading this...) I dyed my hair out of a box. !!! I was SO nervous. Jenn, Shanti, and I had a girl's escapade that ended in cheap permanent hair color. The actual color isn't too different, just a few shades darker, but the last time I let someone dye my hair from a box was when I was 12 and didn't know any better. It turned out okay really, except today my scalp feels really dry and itchy...hopefully I'm not having some sort of allergic reaction. That would be deeply ironic and cruel. Then the thought crossed my mind, "Omgosh...I'm a teacher...what if I have lice!??!" BARF! I just shoved that thought right out. Moving on. Creepies!!

I live with the best roommate ever. Aka the husband. He's incredibly thoughtful and always does the littlest things that make all the difference (except when he leaves his cereal bowls on his desk daily and Xbox controllers everywhere, but I can deal). Valentine's day was fun. We made a delish dinner together (strawberry and spinach salad, red pepper and shrimp scampi and crescent rolls) and set up our table in our living room all fancy like. Then we went out to see When In Rome (meh, was hoping it would be a little funnier), and came back and made chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate dipped cake balls. Yum-O! He got me some real pearl earrings to replace the 5 dollar Wal-Mart pair that turn my ears green. Thanks :-)
I did feel bad for my brother though, who texted me at about 5:30 asking if we could babysit Milly so they could go out. Guess I should enjoy these type of holidays with no offspring while I can so I don't have to scrounge for a babysitter. Not that I would be a scrounge...hopefully not anyway...she loves me. I teach her new words. Like "boom" when something falls, which she pronounces "goon". Adorable, right?

4 day weekends are ridiculously amazing. I had a little taste of summer, despite the freezing rain storm on Monday. But I could sleep in and do as I pleased. The only thing missing (aside from actual heat in the atmosphere) is laying out. Dangitall I miss laying out. Even during the summer it just seems like not something a lot of people do here, maybe because a lot of people don't have pools, but in FL, you could just lay out in your yard and it was completely socially acceptable. Here, I'd get a lot of strange stares...Moral of this story, I need to make a friend who has a pool so I can lay out at their house everyday this summer. Actually let's be real, my pasty white legs couldn't handle every day, so at least 3 days a week, come on, surely someone could easily befriend me if my demands go down a little? Summer GET HERE FASTER PLEASE.

That suddenly just made a song pop in my head, "New kids on the block had a bunch of hits, Chinese food make me sick, but I think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer, for the summer" HAH! You love it, YOU LOVE IT. Takes me back to the 90s. (Also when Pluto WAS a planet...whole other rant there). James just said, (as this song is playing from my computer), "Whitney...I thought you were cool?" I am.

I am cool.


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