"Mrs. Houlin, I have wood chips in my pants"

Frustration! I had my whole post nearly complete and then something crazy happened with the mouse and the right click and poof. Gone. Lame. Anyway.

After recess I heard this, "Mrs. Houlin, I have wood chips in my pants. Can I go to the bathroom and get them out?" ...what? Um. Sure? Now this did happen after recess, and there are wood chips on the play ground, but, she was wearing jeans..so..where were the wood chips, and how did they get there? Yeah I don't think I want to dwell on that one for too long..ahem...anyway. It's statements like this that make my day. And the best part is, they're being completely honest and sincere. But most of the time, it's hilarious and I have to do everything I can to hold back a burst of laughter.

Today I wore my Pumas. Not just any Pumas. I have a tan and black pair that are sleek like, but these are my new favorite Pumas from Christmas . Pause. (sorry if you're one of those OCD people who like things nice, organized and sequential, you may want to skip the next paragraph if that label applies to you..). I need to rant a minute. I JUST FREAKING SPILLED RED JUICE ON THE CARPET FOR THE SECOND TIME SINCE I CLEANED MY CARPET!!!!! There aren't enough symbols to express my frustration (#)($#@)!@#!!!!). I hate carpet. Well, okay not hate, I just prefer area rugs. Now I have to re-clean the whole stinking thing this weekend. Well, at least this one spot. Laaaaammmmeeeee. Fortunately, I still have my sister-in-law's steam cleaner. That is one good investment. In a few years when my husband is a gagillionaire and I have my dream house (no hint of sarcasm), we will have hard wood and tile floors with area rugs. That's the way to go. Stupid red juice....

Back to my rock star Pumas. James got them for me for Christmas.They're white and they have a pink glittery swoosh like thing on the side. They make me happy. I love those. Love them. I don't wear them too often because they're white, and I HATE when white shoes get dirty, and I HATE cleaning them. Don't judge me.

So a lot of people my age don't like to cook. I love to cook! Mmmmm...well....I love to eat. Cooking is really a means to an end, but fortunately I find the means enjoyable. Last night I made whole wheat pasta with creamy roasted red pepper and feta sauce. DELISH! And healthy (an unintended added bonus). I just like trying new recipes and trying to combine things that I think might taste good together. Sometimes I'm right, other times I'm regrettably very wrong, but it's still fun. My favorite new thing to cook with is the Perfect Brownie pan. OMGOSH. Love this. Forget the plastic fork gig, these things are already cut! And they're not flat, or torn, they're amaza-zing. Go get one. (20 bucks at Wal-mart). James also got me what's called a flirty apron for Christmas, which I think makes me want to cook more, just so I can wear my super cute apron.

Well, fortunately this week is almost over. This weekend will be busy, two wedding receptions- one of the many cliche's of living in Utah- but next weekend will be spectacular. Four day weekend! I think we might buy a new couch. RC Willey has a pretty good deal going. And let me be honest, "we need a new couch" is somewhat of an understatement. I think buying a washer and dryer a month or so ago has gotten me on this furniture/appliance kick. That could be an expensive endeavor.

I need to go blow dry my hair. Ugh crap it's already that half dry wavy state. See all the problems that spill has caused? Stupid carpet...


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