Oh Boy

All of the reasons why the Bachelor is COMPLETELY unrealistic and kind of twisted.

1. No man is ever allowed to be "in love" with 4 women under any normal circumstances, but somehow in the bachelor it's completely okay, he's just "seeing how the cards fall".
2. Women all in love with the same man can live mostly functional in the same house together and even become friends.
3. All of the Bachelor's are successful, not bad looking guys...why do they have to resort to TV dating? They're hiding something...
4. The dates they go on/places they go are way to expensive/super cool to be a first, second, possibly even third date.
5. Does the guy not even feel bad for kissing up to like 10 women in a week?? Not even a week, days? But he says he's looking for "inner beauty"...are we sure this isn't a televised booty call? Just sayin'...
6. The women can ball their eyes out, but their makeup looks PERFECT and better than mine most days. I don't know what that secret is, but if anybody knows it's a crime to hold that back.
7. The parts they show on TV doesn't really seem like enough conversation for them to "fall in love", but if there's more, why aren't they showing it??? There's definitely a lot of that booty call though..

Do all these really matter to me though? No. Because I watch it. I didn't watch the first 5 weeks of this season, but after seeing one I'm like hooked. =Pathetic. However, I decided it feels some type of void in my life, when back in high school and college I experienced a ridiculous amount of drama, but there's not much drama here in married life, so I just watch it on TV now. And strangely, I'm okay with it. :-)

On a SUPER BRIGHT NOTE. Four day weekend!! Praises for makeup snow days+holidays. I have big plans for myself tomorrow- gym, free makeover from Clinique, grocery shopping, oil change, pedicure, and a movie later. Sounds like a great way to escape the 27 sugar-pumped little rascals.

Can I just say how much cooler my sister is than I am/ever was in high school? Not to mention way more risky. I was such a people pleaser and she gets grounded every other week for some new drama (o no, she's due for a future of reality TV when she gets older too!!). That little risk taker...love her. LOVE HER. Oh I wish I could say what it was this time, but that would not do much for the sisterhood. Maybe later ;-) I miss her like craz-eeee. I told James if my siblings all grow up and move to different parts of the country, we'll just have to move and follow them around because I won't be able to stand being away from them.

Okay last thing. My niece is the most friggin' adorable thing you've ever seen. Here's a video of the cuteness that is her, where she is falling asleep while she's eating. You'll probably watch it at least twice, hilarious. It's on my brother's facebook page, here.

Much love. Whit

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