My legs are way too white.

Is it February already? January went by fast. Thankfully. And it didn't snow too much (knock on wood), so if we can get through march with a snow storm every couple of weeks, we'll be okay. And by we I mean most definitely myself.

First thing on my mind. My husband has an obsession with Twizzlers. Complete obsession. He just recently found a store that sells different flavors (from root beer to pina colada). On the packs though, it reads, "As always, a low fat candy." ...does anyone else realize how deceptive that is? Yes I'm about to go on a health food rant, not that I'm really a health nut (I just finished a bowl of ice cream). Anyway, so many people are fooled to think that low fat means super healthy. However, READ THE LABELS people. Lots of low fat foods usually mean they make up for it in the amount of sugar that's in it. Low fat does not equal low in sugar, thus low in calorie. If more people knew that they might be a little bit happier with their diet attempts. That is all.

Second thing. For some inexplicable reason, the past few days have felt like summer. Not because it's super hot outside or the snow is melted or anything, but the allure of summer has definitely been in the air. Maybe because I spent most of Saturday inside and it was warm in my house, but super sunny outside, and I laid on the couch and watched Little Rascals and Sandlot back to back, yep that might have done it. Whatever the cause, I can't WAIT for summer. Looking down at my pasty legs though, I need to make a friend that has a pool. That's one thing I seriously miss about FL...I could lay out in my yard and no one would see me or care for that matter, but here, where the next house is about 12 feet away, I'd get more than one strange look. And city public pools are in no way appealing. All it makes me think of is how many filled floating diapers with splashing little babies are surrounding me. *shudders.

Thing number three. I'm FINALLY over my cold! Good thing...my nose was so dry from using so many tissues, the tip of it started peeling and it sort of looked like dried snot. Yeah I realize that's really gross, but that pretty much described everything about me last week. Gross. Anyway, 'tis better.You never realize how much you take breathing through your nose for granted until you can't do it anymore and you hate life for it.

Well, it's 9:18 and I will most definitely be in bed in the next half hour. :-) Love that.


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