The Way I Am

Attempt number 4 at starting this thing. Is there ever really a good way to start your first blog post? I've come to a few realizations about how people start blogs.
1. An awkward introduction of the person, their likes, dislikes, life dreams, etc...it's like a first day of class introduction, except you don't even really know who you're introducing yourself too..like I said..awkward.
2. Starting with a super trendy/quirky first line...wasn't feeling creative enough...
3. A fantastic life event that was inspiring enough to write it down.
4.....doesn't matter. Think I've started.

I can't believe I'm watching the Bachelor right now.

Christmas break was amazing, and amazingly productive. Florida was beautiful and warm! I also wish Florida was a lot closer to Utah. The 5hr 15 min flight back nearly got the best of me. James mentioned more than once, "If this is hard for you, how do you feel about a 16 hour flight to Italy?" (Yes, we're planning on going in the next few years). And the answer to that question? Yet to be discovered. But Nyquil is sounding more of a possibility. I also cleaned out all the closets in my house and organized them. I'm either super anal or super bored. Whatever, it's done.

10% laptop battery power left. First blog post? Check.


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