A Lack of Color

You know those bands that you LOVE but you occasionally forget that they might have just produced a new album in the past five years? Then you find it, download it, and love the band all over again? You know, that feeling? Yes. Totally having it! Death Cab for Cutie got me through many a dramatic high school moment, and I heard something in a store the other day and realized...HELLO?! Where have I been? Their new album, Narrow Stairs, good stuff. Comes highly recommended (by me). I always used to say if Ben Gibbard were better looking, or if I were blind, I'd marry that kid in a heartbeat. (But it's okay, cause the real thing aka James IS good looking AND sings amazing, two-fer, score).

Different note, my one and only beautiful little niece is WALKING! She's 11 months on the 20th. She's kind of a big deal...first grandbaby on both sides of the family (needless to say spoiled??). I can already tell her spicy personality is going to give her parents loads of fun when she's a teenager ;-) But as an onlooker and only partially responsible for her upbringing (hardly, if any really), she's a blast. But seriously Ryan...I can't believe I found out this literally life changing news from your facebook status.

Next topic. I made it to Wednesday! Which means yes, I am amazing. My observation today went ridiculously well. My principal (had to think of the right spelling on that...your principal is your "pal"...princi-p-a-l) even told me she thinks I should become a principal one day because I would be a great one-holy cow! I can't say that I have the slightest desire to do that, but I'll take the compliment, thanks. I love being a teacher though. I think you only truly appreciate and become pro-corporal punishment once you are a teacher. Sometimes I want to duck tape their mouths and put superglue on their pockets, but I love 'em. The little things they say totally make it worth it (i.e., "Mrs. Houlin, what's your favorite deep sea creature?" or "the bottom number in a fraction is called the demon-ate-her").

Lately I just can't get enough of the color purple. I think I only have like 3 purple shirts, but I even bought some purple flats that I adore. I've tried explaining to my sister lately that things don't have to match, as long as they coordinate. For example, she could wear a mustard yellow shirt with burnt red mary-jane's. They're not the same color, but they just go, it works. ..She's still getting used to the idea. Which reminds me, how come everytime you go to Old Navy the only sizes they seem to have of anything is XXS and XXXL???? Do I just go at the completely WRONG times?? I found the most adorable shirt EVER but ofcourse, I'm no X in either direction.

American Idol starts in 3 minutes :-)


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  1. Dear -W, First of all, yes Old Navy caters to people on the "biggest loser" side of life. I have never in my life seen so many XXXL shirts and yoga pants than i did two weeks ago went i went in with a gift card! Something is def. up with that place. and 2ndly yes music brings you back doesnt it? being far older than you the music of the 80's time warps me like nothing else. But unlike your Death Cab many of them aren't still around and if they are its on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.:) I think your writing is yummy, keep it up. <3


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