There's a Class for This

This picture explains my life.

I tried the driving range with my husband and cousins over the weekend (thanks MLK for that holiday), and felt pretty much like a fool the whole time, but hey, no better stress reliever than seeing how far and hard you can hit something.

First, notice a few things. A. There's snow on the ground and the "heated" driving range didn't feel so warm when you add a wind factor.. B. So I got the whole 'rotate your hips' thing down, 'follow through on the swing', 'keep your eyes on the ball', yeah, most of the time, not bad. But, look closely at the tee...
Yes. The ball is still there. I'm reading to much into this, but I think I golf swing might tell a lot about a person (I'm sure someone's written a book on this). For example, I honestly tried here, gave it my best, tried to pick up a few techniques, swung the crap out of it, and dang. That ball didn't move (and yes that is my lack of spatial reasoning abilities kicking in). SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THAT! I think this is the perfectionist in me coming out, but I HATE not being good at things! So anyway...back to my analysis... I'd say my effort represents my attitude towards most things, I really do try, because I can't let myself do poorly on things (tried, can't). The fact that the ball is still there (besides the obvious) represents the fact that I still have a lot to learn and if I'm going to learn it, I should probably deep six the perfectionist attitude. And, the HUGE pile of balls next to me means that I still have a lot of opportunities around me and it's okay to fail, because I can always try again.

That was deep for a blog post. But seriously, this picture represents my life. Too bad I didn't get the one on film where I swung so hard I literally spun in a complete circle, with yep, you guessed it, that happy little ball sitting perfectly still and content on the tee. I should be more like the ball on the tee...happy and content until someone whacks the living daylights out of me.


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