Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I hurt. My whole body hurts. Remind me never to go to an hour of body sculpting and then an hour of zumba...overzealous much??? What am I trying to prove to myself anyway?! Well...actually...after talking to a fellow zumba-er...zumbee...zumbier...I dunno...we decided that we would work out for 5 days a week for at least an hour a day as long as that meant we could WHATEVER we wanted...which...so far, is what's happening. Is it working? Yes, I'm eating whatever I want :-) Oh, and the workout is paying off too. I'm not sure which is better/worse...having a low carb, dairy free diet and rarely hitting the gym or always hitting the gym and eating all the pasta and ice cream you want? My feelings are still mixed on the matter...I just have zero self-discipline so I guess that's why I choose the latter.

On another note, Nyquil is a girl's best friend. I know they say diamonds, or Midol, or super trendy boutique accessories, but no, "they" are wrong. Nyquil. My throat has been itchy and dry the past two days, my head hurts, and once you throw sore muscles on top, it's the best sleep I ever got with a cold medicine ;-). Anyone else guilty of topping off a little night cap even when you're NOT sick just because you know you'll sleep AMAZINGLY well? I always have super crazy dreams when I take it though...wasn't aware that was one of the side effects, but for the wonderful benefits, I'll take it.

K here's the complaint of the week. Sometimes some parents are stupid. Down right inconsiderate, selfish, childish, and too self-absorbed to realize that their life decisions might just affect the little people in their lives that will end up having to go to therapy because of their stupid choices. And then the teachers who are with these little people, for longer than the parents themselves most of the time, have to try to solve these problems for these little people so it doesn't effect how they perceive life, at least while they're at school. So many kids at school have such broken lives, where they're clinically depressed, angry, or have little coping skills because they have too many severe daddy issues. K so I get that parents aren't perfect, and many marriages do end, but seriously parents...stop neglecting your offspring even in such events and stop setting them up for inevitable life failure or some drug addiction...because you're making my job a lot harder. K. Just had to get that out.

Not related to anything thus far, I have a theory...a shampoo theory. You know how your hair always looks fabulous after you just get it colored/cut/styled, etc.? Of course it's because the people that you entrust one of your most noticeable features is a professional, but I also think the shampoo is at work. I think when you change your shampoo, it confuses your hair, but in a good way. The only thing my theory is based on is personal experience, because every time I buy shampoo I like to switch it up, and for the first 4-5 days I have a really good hair week, then it's just average. But then when I switch shampoos or get it done (where my stylist usually has a different shampoo than I do), it's another good hair streak. So, what I'm thinking of doing is buying a few different shampoos and using one for 4-5 washes, then switching, and develop some type of cycle. I'm thinking it'll probably be good to get a volume shampoo, probably one with color protection, and maybe a moisturizing one (I do live in Utah). I think the combination might be brilliant. I dunno...I'll have to test it out...

Well, the highly anticipated night cap is settling in, so that is all for now. :-)


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