Fight for your right to party

So I'm absolutely, uncontrollably and undeniably in LOVE with Zumba. Zumba is basically the jazzercise of the 21st century...except...no leotards (thank you). Latin dance meets aerobics. Anyway, I've been going for about 8ish months religiously 4-5 days a week. Well this is all well and great, except for the fact that it's popularity has exploded. The gym I go to does it in a decently sized studio, but seriously the capacity of that room is about to burst open with sweaty, overweight latin women. There's usually a line out the door waiting to get in about 10-15 minutes before the class starts.

Mostly I can deal, but tonight was especially frustrating. So, there were these like two little girls (we're talking like 9-10) standing right in the front line. (Sorry, but unless you're over 18 and a workout junkie, don't stand in the front.) And THEN there are these two teenage girls right behind me. Now it's packed, so we're like barely arms length apart. Anyway, I'm doing my thing (you know, shakin' it), and I step back for something, step on the girls foot, roll my ankle, and my foot is tingling and numb the rest of the class. AH!

I think one of the reasons it's so crowded lately is because of everyone's New Year's resolutions to you know, make it to the gym more, lose the extra 10 lb's from the holidays and the extra 20 from the 10 past years they made the same resolution but gave up once Valentine candy went on sale. Just commit already!

The Beastie Boys were not joking...you gotta fight for your right to party. Zumba on!



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