james' graduation party

In December James FINISHED his MBA program at The George Washington University! Yes, all of the applause. And yes, that is in Washington, DC, but yes we live in Utah. They started their distance learning online program option the year James started so that was a huge YAY! Technology is awesome. It was especially spiffy because James' Dad also graduated with his MBA from GW. Queue nostalgia. 

Lemme take a minute to totally brag on my guy: Not only does he work 60 hours a week (with commute time), but he helps every night with dinner, getting the kids bathed, and putting them to bed. After that he would go down and work on homework until 11 or 12am, then get up at 4am the next day to do it all over again. He also finished the program 6 months ahead of schedule while maintaining an A-B average! He. Is. A. Stud. A very tired stud. ;-) 

But now we can celebrate because it's DONE! Commencement is held only once a year in May, so we'll be traveling back for the official ceremonies then. We wanted to celebrate with our friends and family here, so I threw a little shindig!

Soda is one of our favorite things! Is that terrible? Especially Sodalicious style with delicious Torani flavor add-ins and a shot of half and half! I made the poster with some of our favorite flavor combinations (which is conveniently now up in my Etsy shop). ;-)

I think my favorite part was the tin buckets on each table filled with caramel corn! Another one of James' favorite things...anything popcorn!

I'm not even sure how much sugar the girls had last night...but I know it was a lot! Once their little friends got there they ran around and had a blast.

We're so grateful to live near so many family members and have such great friends. Thank you for all of your support over the last two and a half years!

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