ice castles

Tonight we explored the ice castles in Midway! It was like a real life Frozen experience (as in, you were freezing the whole time...it was THREE degrees outside...and they even have a photo op with Anna and Elsa!). Well worth the numb toes though- I've never seen anything like that in my life! If you're within driving distance of Midway, put it on your winter bucket list. 

I meant to bring my real camera, but forgot...sooooo here we have some sub-par iPhone pictures. :-D (Check out their site for really cool, non-blurry pictures!)

 They grow 10,000 icicles DAILY and add them to the structure using water to freeze it to the structure as they build onto it. 

 My Mom made a quick trip out! We were happy to have her (though I think she's quite happy to return to Florida weather). 

If you're planning to visit, here are some tips:
-Wear all the clothes. All the layers. (Especially socks!)
-Take hand warmer packs for your hands, and put them in your boots!
-Buy hot chocolate when you first get there and drink it while you're walking around.
But seriously, GO!! SO STINKIN' COOL!

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