downtown disney + beach!

The day after Disney we kept it low key. The girls' slept in late, so naturally I woke up early...and with an appetite the size of Texas (post stomach bug realizing I hadn't eaten in 2 days...give me all the free breakfast). 

We splashed around at the hotel then mosied over to Downtown Disney (which apparently is called Disney Springs now) for lunch at The Rainforest Cafe- where the food is "meh" but decor is "woah!"

^Only the coolest papa's will cram onto a tiny train to appease the granddaughters. We happen to know one such Papa.

^Treat yo' self. Dark chocolate lover for LIFE.

The next day we went over to a beach near my brother and sister-in-law's new house (jealous). We take forever to get organized so instead of being there in the afternoon we made it for the last hour of daylight, but beach is beach no matter what time of day.

This was my girls' first time in the Atlantic ocean! The first time they'd ever been to the beach (despite all of our trips back to Florida) was over the summer in San Diego. 

Fortunately, Olivia didn't eat the sand this time. 

My mom explicitly said she did not want to be in charge of making decisions this trip as far as plans, she just wanted to tag along on what we wanted to do. I think that's why it took us forever to get anywhere or do anything...we need a militant decision maker in this family! Especially because my brother and I are two of the most indecisive people on the planet. Come baaaaack Nazi Nana! ;-)

I'd have to say my biggest complaint about being in Utah at the moment is the lack of a coast, but I guess that makes visiting one all the better. (That was me trying to be optimistic).

A couple other random shots:

 ^Dinner with the motley crew. James has his eyes closed and Jillian looks miserable- probably how half of our pictures turn out. :-)

^Hyppo Popsicles! All natural and made with organic ingredients, so obviously I had them dip mine in chocolate. 

Anytime we go back to visit Florida it always flies by, but I think this trip broke a new record! I've concluded we're just going to have to start taking longer vacations...

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