girls' weekend!

You know those times when every conversation you have with your friends is complaining about something? Or...your kids? Not that we don't love them to pieces of course, but sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), being a Mom is HARD. Relentless, even. I was reminded of this tonight in the car when Olivia and I had this conversation:
Olivia: "Mom!"
Me: "Yes?"
Olivia: "Moooom!"
Me: "What?"
Olivia: "Moooooooooom!"
Repeat x27. 

Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck in a loop of dirty laundry and food smashed into places it where food shouldn't even be. You know? 

Thus- a girls' weekend. We actually started planning one back in September, but trying to coordinate 5 schedules for a free weekend resulted in a date in January. At least it gave us something to look forward to after coming down from the holiday high!  We opted for a staycation of sorts and stayed in downtown Salt Lake.

We started with shopping and seeing a movie in a super cool theater with huge leather recliner seats! I will totally drive 45 minutes from our house to that theater JUST for those seats.

 The next day Meg joined us and we treated ourselves to pedicures...

 Then feasted on super delicious house made churros and drinking chocolate from La Barba.

The hotel we stayed in, The Peery Hotel, was apparently haunted! We didn't have any weird experiences...but we were probably way too loud to notice anyway. ;-) 

 Sooo muucchh fooooood. But there's always room for Ruby Snap cookies! Are you seeing a trend? We ate a LOT. ;-)

On Saturday, we lost Jenn to a sick hubby and picked up the other Jen! We did some more shopping and had the best stuffed french toast in the world at Eva's Bakery downtown.

We ended the day with another movie before heading home! It was sooo nice to be able to go shopping without rushing through a store to avoid meltdowns, have unlimited girl talk, and be on our own schedule doing what we wanted, when we wanted to do it! Perfectly restorative. I already can't wait for next year!!!

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