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I think I may have temporarily forgotten I had a blog, like really. The "get-back-into-the-back-to-school-routine" takes its toll on me. By precisely 7:30pm, when both kids are in bed, I am only good for changing positions on the couch while binge-watching Netflix. Except for the last week or so when our dishwasher has been BROKEN and we've been hand washing it up every night. Holy crap I never knew how much I loved a dishwasher until now. And also- why do we use SO MANY DISHES in the day?! Why I haven't just purchased paper plates yet is beyond me...

I digress. Here's a little of what we've been up to!

^My sister and I have been hiking the "Y" in Provo every week to get ready to hike Mount Timpanogos in two weeks, which is 15 miles round trip! I just really want to see the world from the top of a mountain, that I climbed. 

 ^We are making progress in the master bedroom! It's currently about half-way done and already has me swooning over it.

Daniel Tiger made an appearance at the farmer's market last week! The girls were super excited once they saw him. But up close and personal with him, not so much. I don't blame them. Once they walked away they were just as excited though, so I guess their lasting impression was a positive one. 

Life is good! 

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