DIY beverage rack

Fall came bursting through the front door this week, bearing pumpkin spiced everything and sweater weather. Mmmmm- delicious. But I realized not only were we out of hot chocolate, but I didn't even have any mugs! (I got some new dishes over the summer and in 100 degree weather, mugs don't cross your mind). 

I really love the idea of a beverage cart display, but with an almost 18 month old, that is basically impossible for now. I also didn't want to add any more clutter to my counter tops, so the only spot for a drink station was on the side of my cabinet. I looked in many stores for some type of rack or something with hooks, but my cabinet is only 12 inches deep, so I couldn't find anything narrow enough. Enter, "you're gonna have to DIY this." 

It actually went super fast- probably 30 minutes to put together (not including the time it takes the stain to dry) and costs $25 in supplies. Beautiful.

-Scrap wood or ^this partial pallet piece from Hobby Lobby (this one measures 12"x24")
-12" piece of craft wood (also found at Hobby Lobby) for the shelf
-Two "L" brackets with screws (Lowe's)
-Four hooks
-Wood stain or paint
-5 gallon paint stick
-Small nails
(In the picture I also have a hose clamp and mason jar, but didn't end up using those on my rack because I didn't have enough room! Oh well.)

Tools: screw driver, level, hammer

I spent $25 on supplies, not including wood stain because I already had some on hand.

First, stain (or paint) the wood pieces and let it dry. I stained mine in the morning and it was ready to handle by nighttime. 

Next, attach the two L brackets at the bottom of the rack. Notice I didn't line mine up with the bottom piece of wood. I stuck my shelf on and marked where it would be level, and attached them there (if you buy this particular pallet piece from Hobby Lobby the pieces are intentionally a little off- cattywampus as my Momma would say).

Next I spaced out my hooks and screwed them in. 

To make hanging it easier, I wanted a horizontal piece of wood across the back. I just used a 5 gallon paint stick and essentially cut it in half- one piece for the top, and one for the bottom so it would sit flush against the wall. I used small nails to nail it in on either side. Do NOT use a regular sized paint stick- they're way too flimsy. 

I attached mine directly into my cabinet. You may not be okay with screwing into your cabinets, in which case just hang it on a wall, or figure something else out. :-) To hang it, I screwed two screws partially into the cabinet and hung it off of the screws (it rests on the top paint stick on the back). I gave it a few tugs to make sure it was sturdy.

 Finish off with cute mugs and any drink condiments you use regularly!

^Adding marshmallows is Jillian's favorite part!

Mmmm. NOW we're ready for fall.

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