puppies, zebras & s'mores- oh my!

Friday was one jam-packed fun, and exhausting day! We started off at the zoo where I brought the girls along on my school field trip- I love that I get to bring them to those!

They currently have a dinosaur exhibit all over the zoo with to scale animatronic dinosaurs. Jillian called them robot dinosaurs! Miraculously, neither of the girls were scared of them.

 ^Notice Olivia's ice cream cone dripping all over the place. She left covered in sand and soaked in ice cream- a sure sign of a good time.

Later that day we rented a puppy! A cute little mutt named Snickers to be exact. Did you know that was a THING?! Apparently it is here. I won't complain- all of the fun and none of the commitment of owning a dog. Jillian was SO excited about it. Olivia was too until it jumped up on her and started making out with her face, which was just the right height. Then she didn't want anything to do with it for the next 45 minutes. Fortunately I got her to warm back up by the end though. 

She loved taking him on walks, even though he was really taking her on a walk- I don't think she really understood the concept of a leash. ;-)

We ended the day with my siblings and a bonfire up the canyon- one of my favorite things to do in the fall. Who doesn't love hot dogs and s'mores?! 

 ^Olivia understands the concept of multi-tasking. HAH!

 ^Jillian ate herself sick...like, literally. She almost barfed. #parentingfail

 ^Olivia's primary entertainment was gravel! Of course. She brought Michaela handful after handful of tiny rocks, each time exclaiming, "Rocks!"

The next day, we literally did nothing. The girls stayed in their pajamas ALL DAY. But sometimes days like those are just as nice!

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