raspberry pickin'

On Friday, we went with a friend to a farm in Mapleton to pick raspberries! It's one of our favorite things to do in the early fall because there are still plenty of berries and it isn't a thousand degrees outside. The weather was quite dreamy actually. 

Sometimes it's really nice getting out of the heart of the valley and into more open space! It reminds me of home. I told Jillian we were going to the "country" and had to explain to her what that was...(city kid problems). "There aren't a lot of buildings, or cars...or people..." Once we got there Jillian said, "Ohhh Mom, I don't see any buildings. This IS the country. Olivia, we're in the COUNTRY!" (My parents are laughing right now).
Jillian loved getting her own little bucket for picking. She kept saying, "I'm a real good farmer, huh mom?"
Have you ever picked raspberries? If you have you know why the phrase "fruit of our labors" exists. 
Olivia caught on just as fast as Jillian did. Once she realized what was growing all over the vines she just went to town (hence why she has her hand in her mouth in almost every picture!). Eventually she stopped picking them up and would just gnaw them right off the vine- efficiency. 
Olivia calls all berries (or anything that resembles a berry) the same thing- "rah-ree". It's pretty darn cute. "Oooohhh," she'd squeal, "Rah-reeeees!" 
Jillian also found some baby strawberries- and of course, Olivia just went right to eating those!
^Right before Jillian decided to lean on the barbed wire fence (yeah, ouch). 

We've been eating raspberries by the handful ever since we got home. It's been a pretty delicious couple of days! 

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