it's here, it's here!

The moment in the school year that teachers look forward to more than any other break (excluding summer of course)...spring break! 
I started mine on Friday..because those are slow work days for me anyway AND I have the liberty of doing so. Neener neener.

And if yesterday was any indication of the rest of spring break, I'm in for a good one. I think I did almost all of my favorite things yesterday: gym, pedicure, window shopping, park with Jillian, Cafe Rio with the fam, and movie night with the girls. Ahh, love it! 

It's warm and sunny outside and there's nothing to do. Couldn't be happier with all of that!

(why yes, that is the bottom of the closet)

Jillian teething her incisors (those beastly things) hasn't been the greatest, but we take the wins where we can get 'em. 
Happy spring break! 

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