{kitchen sneak peak..well..reveal i guess}

I've tried really really REALLY hard to not write this post until my kitchen is completely finished, but even though I have every good intention of finishing it tomorrow, something inside of me says yeah that's probably not gonna happen. SO what the hay, that just means you get to see yet another post about my kitchen. 

Remember phase 1 of the kitchen do over? White cabinets? I'm in lurve. So in lurve. 

Phase 2 and 3 are now complete! Well..almost..

We have new paint downstairs and bead board in the kitchen! The only not-quite-yet-done part is that I still have to paint the bead board and trim (white, duh). But you get the basic idea. 


from the very beginning//now

Oh look! My kitchen's still messy. Every blog I've ever read about "improving your blog" says something about waiting until day to take pictures in natural lighting, and making sure the area you're photographing is clean and organized so it's more aesthetically pleasing to look at...bahaha.

I love the look of a white kitchen. So clean and fresh (minus the giant mess on my counter..hah!) My goal was to brighten up the space and make it feel bigger than it really is. The best way to do that is use lighter colors. Darker colors make a space feel smaller and darker (especially if the area is already small). Using bead board helps draw the eye vertically and visually creates a larger space.

You'd think at this point my "to do" home improvement list is getting shorter, it's really not. Every time I cross something off, I add at least 2 things on. 

The next major projects on said "to do" list include stripping and painting the stair railings and hand rails- BE GONE nasty oak! (I'm torn between painting them white or staining them dark) and next (that probably won't happen until the fall) is to replace the nasty oak floors and the carpet with a uniform ashy dark wood floor- again with the goal in mind of expanding the space instead of the area being chopped up into areas of carpet and wood. I think I'm most excited about that!

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