i've had diarrhea since easters!

...Not really...but it's always a good idea to quote Nacho Libre. 

 Easter weekend included shopping for new flowers to plant, Jillian helping water (drown) said flowers with her new Mickey Mouse watering can, homemade carrot cake, and trying to convince Jillian that looking for Easter eggs is both fun and rewarding. Our efforts were mostly in vain.

She didn't really get that she was supposed to "look" for the eggs, so we mostly just tossed them in front of her and she'd put them in her bucket...haha. We also found out she's not one for sugar- jelly beans, peeps, suckers- she spit them all out. She's a big fan of chocolate though (takes after her mama).

I some how made it through the holiday with only buying ONE bag of Cadbury eggs! Truly an Easter miracle. 

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