the two best dads

I have the best Dad in the world. I'm biased, but I should be. He helped me to know what I wanted my children's dad to be like.

He is incredibly funny. Some of the times I laugh the hardest are around him (especially when he tells gross stories from work). 

He's passionate. About guns, finding a car with decent lumbar support, how steaks are cooked, my mom, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and making sure his daughters have and know how to properly use key chain mace.  

He wears socks with sandals and huge sunglasses. It's kinda his thing. 

He might ask you to pull his finger. ...don't. 

He enjoys a good "zombie killin' " game. 

He's selfless. In a quiet, nonchalant kind of way. 

He's actually a really good singer.   

As James says, "he's the only person I know that will call you out of the blue just to give you a compliment." 

I think you start to re-realize just how special your dad is when you see him around your own children. It's almost like witnessing parts of your own childhood. I'm excited for Jillian to grow up and truly get to know her "Papa," finger-pullin' and all.   
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The OTHER Best Dad- Jillian's Dad

I knew James would be a good Dad as soon as we started dating, then especially when our first niece was born. He adored her. But I can honestly say I've been blown away with just how good of a job he is doing.  I think Jillian already knows how good of a Dad he is, because she LOVES him. She prefers him to me, most of the time, and lights up as soon as she sees him. Sometimes he'll come home from work and she'll already be asleep, so he will go check on her. Then I'll go check on him (to see what's taking so long) and find them both snuggled up asleep in the rocking chair together.

She's as completely smitten with him as he is with her. 

He definitely deserved breakfast in bed this morning!

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Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there, but especially and mostly to my two favorite Dads in the whole wide world!!!

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