swimming buddies

The BEST thing about summer is the pool (I would say beach, but since there isn't any of that goin' on here in the desert, the pool is definitely the next best thing). 

Going to said pool with a baby takes a LOT of preparation. Getting the child into a "little swimmy" diaper and swimsuit is at times traumatic (have I mentioned how much Jillian HATES getting dressed?) and then there's the lathering down with sunscreen. All of this takes lots of tears and like 15 minutes, which is about how long she likes to stay in the pool. Figures. 

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It no longer has the same meaning for me though. Gone are the days when I could lay out and listen to music, then jump in when it gets too hot (and repeat, repeat, repeat). Now I officially accept I will be pasty forever. Just no time. 

(Brynlee 8.5 mos, Jillian 10.5 mos, Bentlee 2 mos) 

Jen, Kristen, and I had our first weekly swimming play date. Jillian actually stayed in the pool for like 30 minutes! We only got out because keeping a baby in the pool for that long is exhausting (more for me than for her I'm sure). Nevertheless, we loved it. Looking forward to many more times like this!

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