The airplane miracle

Have you ever had an experience where you think, REALLY?! Does this have to happen NOW?! Once you have kids, that happens at least 3 times a week. Sometimes 3 times a day. 

So it was our last day in Florida and our flight was leaving at 4:20 pm from Jacksonville. It was nice not to have to wake up in a mad rush to get to the airport on time. I noticed Jillian felt a little warm all morning, but chalked it up to her crazy schedule the past week. 

About 15 minutes away from the airport, Jillian starts crying. Hard. She got a crappy afternoon nap and was just exhausted. I was already picturing the rude glances I'd get from other people on the plane with a bellowing baby in my arms. 

Right when we pull up to the airport and Michaela is getting her out of her car seat- BARF. EVERYWHERE. Thick, orange, chunky, vomit. 


Michaela had to change her shirt, we got the car wiped down and calmed Jillian down. I wasn't sure what to do at this point- risk flying the rest of the day with a potential ticking time bomb? Or wait it out and fly home the next day...

It was about this time that my mom was holding Jillian, where she proceeded to puke again, all down the front of my mom's shirt. My mom hardly flinched. What a champ. 

Now I REALLY didn't want to take her on the plane. Michaela informed me (oh so lovingly) that she was flying home anyway since we were already there, and if I flew home the next day it would be without her help. 

Double crap. I literally didn't know what to do. After about 15 minutes of sitting there, Jillian perked up a little (but was still burning up). We decided to just go. My mom said a prayer before we left that Jillian would be okay on the flights and we'd be able to get home without any major events. 

That prayer was definitely answered. She cuddled me and slept on my shoulder almost the entire first leg of the trip. She's NEVER that calm. When she was awake, she was very easily entertained. She slept from take off to touch down of the last part of the trip, a total of 3 hours.

I almost wonder if the answer to prayer was her getting sick in the first place, because that's what made her so calm the whole time (The trip out was a completely different story- she needed constant movement and entertainment...).

I was SO thankful that she didn't barf anymore and wasn't even fussy. The other travelers probably were too.
God is GOOD. 

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