first zoo trip

James had the day off today for his birthday (that was last week), so we decided to go to the zoo! Have you been to the zoo lately? Junk is expensive. But we thought it would be fun to let Jillian watch all of the animals. Go figure, she was actually more interested in the other millions of kids running around. James said we should've just taken her to an elementary school (would've been cheaper). Once we took her to see some animals in smaller cages where she could be more focused on them, then she loved it! Especially the monkeys.

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We planned on only being there for about an hour, which was perfect, because at 55 minutes (when we happened to be on the little train going around the zoo) Jillian proceeded to meltdown. Good timing. 
I think our next zoo trip will be when 1) she can walk by herself and 2) she recognizes how cool giraffes are and 3) appreciates a $3.00 ice cream cone. 

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