Valentine Goodness

If I see one more piece of chocolate I'm literally going to vomit. This might do my diet some good. I'm literally grossed out by it. I'm thinking this is a good strategy though...gorge on little heart-shaped chocolates the entire day of loveyness and then avoid it for the next 6 months.

I even ate the cheap nasty chocolate this year just because it was there. Geez. Where have my standards gone?

Anyway. It was a fun day.

I made these little goodies for the kiddos. Mostly because I was feeling crafty...only partly because I like them. *wink

Every year I also have a "Valentine box competition." They decorate boxes to hold their Valentine cards from each other. These were a few of my faves...the creative little boogers:

James also sent these lovely things to my place of employment. They came in a box (thanks 1-800-Flowers!) and one of the kids asked, "Are those flowers fake? They came in a box..."

Flowers in boxes MUST be fake. Der. Every 8 year-old knows that. *wink

The rest of the night was super chill. Heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphys, a baby who wasn't interested in an early bedtime, and Zumba. :-) 

Hope your day of love was full of it.

...love that is. 

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