I think I gained 5 pounds last night. Of those 5 pounds I think I only regret 1 one of them. We finally celebrated Valentine's Day by going to the Melting Pot in Salt Lake. Hol-E CRAP. SO good. No place like the Melting Pot to make you feel extremely large and glutenous.

We got spinach & artichoke cheese fondue, then a variety of meats to cook in our little pot- sirloin, chicken, shrimp, and tuna- then finished off with milk chocolate fondue swirled with crunchy peanut butter and pureed berries served with fresh fruit, brownies, cheesecake, pound cake, marshmallows, and rice krispie treats. Yeah. You gained 5 pounds too just reading that.

I'd do it again. Soon.

Thanks for babysitting Michaela, that was seriously our first date in MONTHS. :-)

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