"Valentine's Day is on Tuesday! Tuesday is February 14th, which is Valentine's Day! This Tuesday is Valentine's Day!" says the annoying man on the radio. Wait...when is it again?

I'm pretty excited about it. No big plans really (although we are going to the Melting Pot thanks to one of my student's parents who gave me a $50 gift card; that I am definitely excited about). Chalk this holiday up to another "first" for Jillian. Not that she can eat chocolate...or appreciate the pretty scent of flowers. But she would probably appreciate me letting her try to eat the flowers (anything goes in that mouth these days).

I've found a TON of CUTE V-day stuff on pinterest. (Check it out here). Gosh that site is like crack for your eyes. It inspired me a little to make cuter than usual goodies for my class (because the usual is a cheap little card with a sucker stuck through it or something). I'll put the final product up on Tuesday (I left some supplies at school...).

They're inspired by these adorable printables over at Pumpkins and Posies.

Also made these for my young women's group at church (although unfortunately didn't get to printing them out- burned by my procrastination).

May you get lotsa lovin'...and chocolate. And if you get neither, you should at least buy yourself some chocolate. But don't buy yourself some lovin'. Because that's illegal.

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