Dear Jillian (7 months)

Dear Jillian, 

Happy 7 months to you! You are now closer to 1 than you are to..none..And even though you're still 5 months away from that landmark, I have the majority of your birthday planned out in my mind. I'm just a little excited.  

The other night I was feeding you somewhere around 2am and I looked at you laying across my lap and thought, "Are you REALLY this big?" It's true. You are.

Your little personality comes out more and more each day. You're definitely the happiest in the morning. I love going to get you when you wake up because you get so excited to see us- you smile so big and kick your legs and start thrashing around. It's adorable. 

You can balance really well sitting up and even on your hands and knees! You can pull your knees under yourself sometimes, but I like to put you there to help out a little..then you rock back and forth and get so frustrated that you can't actually go anywhere.  

We finally got around to getting you a highchair- I even put it together myself (one day you'll see how big of an accomplishment that is for me because I HATE following instructions to put things together). I think you really like it. You also don't try to flip out of it like you were starting to do when you are in your Bumbo chair...so that's better. 

You LOVE eating solid food. So far you've tried rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, bananas, apples, pears, squash, and sweet potatoes. Just this week I started giving you little dissolving baby cereal puffs. You have a hard time getting them from your clenched fist into your mouth, but when you do you love chomping them with your two little front teeth. Even though you love your food, you HATE the sound the Baby Bullet (blender) makes when I puree it. You truly get scared and start waving your arms and yelling. It's the saddest thing I've ever seen, so usually your Dad has to take you downstairs for that part.

You don't like when anyone takes a toy away from you. You just recently starting doing this pouty face where you close your eyes tight and pout your lips out and make a very whiny noise. It's almost funny. 

I'm probably most proud of your latest accomplishments in sleeping- YAY! You've slept 10 straight hours through the night on several nights lately. Your naps are also starting to get longer, between 1-2.5 hours! Let's keep that up, I think it makes everybody happier. 

You also love playing in the bathtub now, especially with your rubber duck. You also like when I wring out the wash cloth over your hands, it makes you giggle. But you do HATE getting your pajamas on after your bath. 

Today I gave you a metal bowl and a whisk and showed you how to bang it to make noise. Of course you loved it- you love to play with most things that aren't meant to be toys. I should probably just buy you remotes, keyboards, and items with lots of tags and you'll be as happy as a clam.

You babble a LOT more than you used to. You make sounds like "ma-ma-ma" and "da-da-da" among lots of over goos and coos. 

Every month I think, "There is NO way you can get ANY cuter." I love that every month I'm wrong, and you do. 

I love you!


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