Weekend in review

Weekends aren't long enough. Especially when I make goals to clean my entire house AND undertake and pretty huge craft project...neither ever gets finished. 

Friday night I went to girl's night with the Wardell/Wiggins girls + Kristen. Good times. They're hilarious. Much craftiness and inappropriate conversation ensued.

I've been wanting super good Mexican food lately (one of the perks of living in Utah..it's only one state above Arizona- which basically IS Mexico). We tried this new place called Milagros. I got "The Happy Enchilada". The name does not tell a lie. James got a large plate of way too much meat. I give it two thumbs up. Jillian also sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time! She loved it. She didn't love not being able to eat our delicious comida.

The large craft project was making 6 new pillow covers for my living room. This didn't happen. I made one. Only after much tribulation with my stupid sewing machine that I only partly know how to work (it's only stupid because I'm like the step before novice when it comes to sewing).

(Shopping for craft supplies like a champ!)

I did manage to upcycle the lamps in our bedroom. I spray painted the bottom black and added ruffles to the shade (I'm still looking for a new switch pulley thing though).

(I couldn't really get a decent "after" picture..I didn't feel like unplugging it and taking it back upstairs where there was more light..laziness..)

This weekend gets B+. I'm so for making weekends Sunday and Monday instead of Saturday and Sunday. If we could all think that and make that happen, I'd appreciate it. 



  1. Oh my goodness! I am in love with this little doll face of yours! Miss you friend!

  2. Those picture of Jillian kill me! She could not be cuter. And I LOVE the lamp!! Way cute and it will go great with the duvet cover, which I'm guessing was the plan?


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