So this is the new year.

It's always weird for me to think of years starting in January...as far as I'm concerned, the "year" is from August-May, some blurriness in between, and a new year starts in August again. Life of a teacher I suppose...

But since it is technically a new year, I should probably make some resolutions. When you're in college for teaching, they tell you to only set 3-5 rules for your classroom, because everything important can be summed up in 3-5 things and anything more is unrealistic and too much to remember. The same can be said about resolutions I think, so here we go:

1. Lose the rest of the baby weight..plus a few! (6 more pounds until pre-prego weight, and 10 more until the goal weight)
2. Be a little kinder.
3. Hopefully land an online teaching position for next school year.
4. Be a better listener.
5. Make at least half of the crafts and recipes I've pinned on Pinterest.  

Happy New Year!

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