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It's been about a week..so I'm feeling the itch to write about something. However, now that all the holidays are over and everyone is back into the normal day-to-day routine, not much has happened (I mean..how do you top baby's first Christmas in a week? Just doesn't happen). So you just get a collection of random events/thoughts from the last week and a half. Enjoy.

-Jillian cut her first tooth! It's barely sticking out in all it's glory. Another one is on it's way soon. I'll have a baby with teeth. I suppose I knew that would happen, but already? Sheesh.

-Still no snow and it's JANUARY? This I am okay with. Completely.

-Two of my favorite quotes from my class this week: 

When using the vocabulary word “demand” in a sentence:

“Mrs. Houlin, I demand to touch your boot…slooowly..

Cooper: (referring to William’s lunch bag) Dude, is that a purse?
Eli: Noo. It’s a MURSE.

 -We decided to buy a house.  The word "mortgage" is scary. Am I old enough to have one of those?? Even though we JUST started the process, I'm already spending endless hours on  pinterest for decoration ideas. It's my new obsession. 
My new favorite ideas:




-All of my fave TV shows are back on! Praise! Now I don't need to create unnecessary drama in my life (which I think I was doing a little bit)- I can just watch it. And this season of the Bachelor? Oh em gee.

-My beautiful sister is coming out for a short visit next month to find an apartment. Yes, as in a place to LIVE. I couldn't be more excited.

-I've finally decided to open a shop on Etsy. I have no idea how it will go, but I've been wanting to do it for a couple of years...so why not? I've made Jillian a TON of adorable (in my opinion) onesies, burp clothes, headbands, etc...so I'll extend the love. You'll know when it's ready; I'll surely annoy the heck out of everyone with a ton of ads and giveaways.

All of this PLANNING (okay really just house shopping/Etsy making) makes me want summer real bad. Or just free time. I'd be okay with that too. But tomorrow is the 90th day of school, so at least we're half way there. :-)

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