Hit me with your best shot.

Have you ever had the experience where you're walking outside and get caught in a torrential down pour? And you start to run to get inside or back into your car but you eventually stop running because you're already soaking wet and you figure running will do absolutely no good because you could not possibly get any more waterlogged?

I feel like that. Metaphorically I mean.

I feel like I'm walking through the rain, letting it slap me in the face, taking it. Referring to the whole mess with baby J, of course, and all her ups and downs. I feel numb to all of her problems at this point...wondering, what's next? Hit me with your best shot.

Thursday afternoon we took her to her pediatrician because she was had diarrhea and was throwing up all night. She looked absolutely pathetic. Her little face was lifeless. We followed the doctor's orders and switched her to Pedialyte only...but she didn't want to drink it. Not cause she thought it was nasty, she just wouldn't even suck the bottle. She also only peed once the whole day. No bueno. So we called her pediatrician back who said to pack up and head to the hospital. Diagnosis: stomach bug. ....Really? Babies can get that? Apparently.


The pediatric floor is depressing and bubbly all at the same time. There's paintings and murals everywhere, even rope light around the nurses station that changes colors. Ooo. But horribly depressing and at time eerily quiet. There is a kid in the room next to us who constantly cries out, "Daaaddddyyyy!!!"...heartbreaking. Will someone just go get the kid's father already?!

Anyway. Jillian started saline solution for dehydration on Thursday night through an IV they stuck in her foot. Man oh man she did NOT like getting that IV.

She actually got WAY TOO MUCH saline solution because our very bright male nurse with Spider Man scrubs mixed up her charts. The chart he was looking at was for a 40lb kid. Now tell me...how do you look at Jillian and think, "Oh yeah! She's about 40lbs...bring on the saline!" No. You don't. Idiot. So she had a slight resemblance to the Micheline tire man- puffy and what not. But that resolved itself.

I've never seen her sleep so much. Through the night she ate maaaybbee 2 oz of formula combined. We've mostly been holding her to comfort her. My arms want to fall off. Sometimes she'll wake up and make the most pitiful attempt at a whimper, then fall back asleep. We were thinking she'd be able to go home today though, after staying through the night, as long as she could keep down a few feedings. Well. Of course because we have the worse luck EVER, she barfed 3 times today. Which means we get to stay tonight too. She's back on Pedialyte instead of formula for now, because she doesn't throw that up. Hopefully she can keep her formula down tonight and tomorrow so we can go hhhooommmeeeee and she can return to just her NORMAL reflux issues.

(She LOVES sleeping on James like this.)

I wonder what an "easy" baby would even be like??? I probably couldn't even handle it.

She did start getting back to her normal self tonight though, and we caught her in full action cuteness:

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