Dear Jillian (2 months)

Dear Jillian,

How are you TWO months old already?! I can hardly believe it. Mostly because it feels like it's been 9 years. You've had a pretty crappy two months of life. Good thing you won't remember this part of your life...but don't worry, I'll remind you when you're a teenager and trying to give me crap again. And you'll probably graciously laugh and roll your eyes and continue to tell me I "just don't understand" how much you LOVE your little boyfriend or something.

Here's why your life sucks right now:
  • You barf. A lot. The special/super pricey formula you're on now smells like a penny, but you still gobble it up.
  • You have to sleep on an incline to help your reflux. Sometimes you slide down to the bottom of your bassinet and end up sleeping in more of a sitting-on-your-legs position. It's kinda funny.
  • Sometimes you scream a lot cause your reflux is so bad :-/
Despite the sucky things, you're starting to be super adorable...
  • You SMILE!!!!
    It's the cutest thing EVER.
  • Sometimes you make little noises and you ALMOST giggle.
  • You can hold your head up by yourself for a long time!! You're still a little wobbly though.
  • Sometimes you try to dive out of the arms of whoever is holding you. Simmer down on that one.
  • You found your tongue! You like to stick it out and move it around a lot.

  • You're lovin' that play gym.
  • Your "poop face" is super hilarious. You get all scrunched up and aren't lady like at all about ridding your bowels.

  • When you're really hungry you make noises when you start sucking your bottle, almost like you're talking to it.
  • A lot of times you go into total "milk coma" when you're done eating.

  • You look at people when they're talking and interact with people smiling at you.
  • Lately you don't mind being put down...(before you would cry like 10 seconds later). In your butterfly bouncy chair you love staring at the hanging butterflies and you get so excited you start kicking your legs like crazy!
Basically you're less like a parasite and more like a person, and we actually enjoy having you around. :-) We're getting closer to figuring out your eating woes..so I think that should be fixed in the next couple of weeks. Yay!!

I love cuddling you when I get home, especially because you love being cuddled (even though I have constant shoulder pain).

Eeeee!!! You're just stinkin' adorable.


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