Schedule? ...What schedule?

I like things organized. I like my house clean. During the school year I like looking at my plan book just to look at it. I make lists. I like to complete them. Yes, I'm one of those people.

Throw it the heck out the window now that there's a baby in the picture. Not to mention, a baby who can't figure her schedule out. Just when we were getting into our little routine and I was starting to feel more than a total failure, I was blindsided with these two infections (I'll spare the painful and icky details), which really screwed everything. Forget even knowing what day it is, my life revolves around this little wriggly body in 2 hour feeding increments, where we do about the same thing: eat, change diaper, fuss a little, maybe sleep, repeat. I guess that may sound like a schedule, but I promise it's more complicated than that. I really feel like I might as well walk around the house all day with my shirt off (Let's be honest, it happens).

I think the phrase, "This is only temporary" has been sandblasted into my working memory. But then it makes me think...this IS only temporary. Soon she's going to grow up and be big- too big for me to hold and cuddle and sing to. She'll figure out how to control her arms and legs, pee when she wants to, get food for herself, and even tell me WHY she's upset instead of just screaming about it. This makes things a little more bearable when I'm walking up and down the stairs with her at 3am to try to put her back to sleep. (She LOVES the stairs...weird...). I won't get to have her this little forever...

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  1. you're just doing so well. you have no idea. when you realize this stuff this early, and you relinquish the idea of imposing any schedule on a baby (they tend to make their own, no matter what you do...), it makes life so much easier. i so wish i had realized that as early as you have. right on, mama.

    get as much rest as you can. and who cares if you have a shirt on? they only get puked on anyways... :)


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