Great Scott. I knew this whole "kid" thing would be exhausting...but HOLY COW! Now it's really hit since my Mom is back in Florida, and we're left to figure this thing out by ourselves. I'm surprised she (the baby) is still alive, quite frankly. James said something completely true, but that only made me feel mildly better, "Whitney, far less qualified people have done this."

True. We all know somebody.

Still doesn't mean it's easy. I should have done a better job following the advice I got when I was pregnant: sleep now when you can! It's amazing how little time you have to do ANYTHING with a baby. Not even kidding. Today I managed to eat cereal one handed around 10am, and eat dinner in two sessions around 6pm. And that is all I had time to eat. But baby girl ate a LOT. A whole HECK of a lot. She's going through a growth spurt. *sigh. So she eats like every hour. I also have two wicked nasty infections. So my body has a hard time keeping up with her demanding feeding schedule, which means we're supplementing her with formula also. And let me tell something to you...babies who drink formula have the most foul smelling poops/farts I think I have ever smelled from any human body opening. I really should record James changing a diaper- all his gagging is nearly comical.

Just to give you an idea of just how heinous these infections are, these are all the pills I take in a 24 hour period, in addition to a cream. Aye aye aye. Do I even still have a liver? Good thing I'm not a drinker...I'm sure that'd do me in.

I think the highlight of my day today was taking a shower (which I JUST did by the way, and it's 7:30pm). Actually wait, the highlight of my day today would have to be when she just wanted to be cuddled, so I was holding her and singing her some Weepies songs (they make for good lullabies) and she kept eye contact with me the whole time, then gave one of the biggest, gummiest grins I've ever seen her make. I know it was probably just a face muscle spaz at this point...but I'd like to think it was intentional.

Things that definitely were NOT the highlight of my day:
-Changing some of the biggest, nastiest poopy diapers I've EVER seen.
-Being awake from like 2am-7am with her when she decided it would be day time.
-Getting barfed on at 4am.
-Getting a really nasty infection that makes me feel like crappers.

We both didn't make it out of our pajamas today. She had to go through a couple pairs though, since she pooped through them. And I was too tired/lazy/busy to change out of mine that had been spit up on and even a poop smudge. Gross. Have I really let my hygiene slip to this level?

My mom says that this is only temporary- the whole sleep deprivation thing. I don't believe her. I want to believe her though.

Sometimes it feels like everything is one continuous day. A very long day. ..Very..long..day.

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  1. Oh Whitney! Sorry to hear about these said infections...no bueno! I do remember this stage you are going through and somehow it really does get better with the whole schedule thing. Remember that day you came to visit me..and I was so exhausted!? I just wanted to vent and have an adult conversation. Well, pretty sure I got dressed and brushed my teeth just a few seconds before you had arrived! Being a mom is a lot of work, but so great!


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