I had a bad day.

I was cautiously optimistic about today and the direction it would take. Last night went pretty well, considering the dreaded "6 week growth spurt" that baby J is in the thick of. She went 4 hours between feedings! Then two chunks of three hours, then only an hour and a half...then three hours again. She fell back to sleep fairly easily as well. I woke up feeling slightly rested. What a change. But like I said, cautiously optimistic.

All was well until she barfed around noon-ish. It always messes up her whole eating schedule...because then she wants to sleep when she should be awake, or eat when she should be sleeping, or some variation on the three things she does (eat, be awake, sleep). Soo she was slightly fussy for a while, she couldn't eat because she was refluxing too bad and eventually cried herself to sleep. I decided I needed some time out. Bless Jen Wardell's pregnant heart for watching her! I went for a much needed pedicure.

And this is where it went downhill.

The guy who did my pedicure reeked of cigarette smoke. And he didn't do things in the same order on each foot. That bugged me. He also skipped cuticle oil completely! I know...the nerve...He got distracted by the TV during the massage portion and almost stopped completely. I should've kicked him in the face. I mean my foot was practically right there. Did I tip him? Yes...three bucks...I feel bad NOT tipping people when they ASK you if you want to add a tip. People should just not do that...just print it on the receipt or have a little collection jar...seriously.

So then I decided I do a little shopping to try to find some new clothes for going back to school. Every time I look in my closet I feel depressed. Everything is either out of style, stretched out, or faded. Time for a change. I went to Old Navy first, but they surprisingly had very little. They were like in the middle of getting rid of summer stuff, but the fall stuff wasn't out yet. So I ventured over to TJ Maxx, where there was even less of a decent selection. I still bought a couple of things- a cardigan (go figure), a plain white t-shirt, a floral undershirt, and a graphic tee. Meh. I decided to call it a day.

On the way back to collect my offspring, I tried to maneuver from one turn lane to the next so I wouldn't be stuck behind the semi, who was inevitably going to drive me nuts. Well. That was a bad idea. I grossly misjudged the distance between myself and the semi, because on my way around I nicked by side mirror and side door against the back of it. The car probably behind me was probably in shock. Aye aye aye. So this sent me into tears.

I had a bad day.

But looking at these things made it slightly better. This video almost made me cry (I have no idea why...but I'm only 5 weeks post-partum, so I suppose I don't really need a reason..). Isn't this little boy ridiculously adorable? I totally want to make one of these videos when Jillian does more than stare at me with a blank expression. It also made me realize I should really enjoy more of the daily cute little things that make the daily hard things seem not so bad.

Good thing tomorrow is a new day.

LINCOLN from Digital Memorys on Vimeo.


  1. Hey-- I just wanted to stop by and say Thanks for posting the video I did of Lincoln! I'm so glad that it made your day better, and I would love to do one of your little girl Jillian when she's a little older :)

  2. it will get better.

    it WILL get better.

    she'll smile at you. that will melt your heart. then she'll start to laugh, and you'll find yourself laughing too. you'll learn her language in the sort of intimate way that only a mom can, and then you'll be the only one who can interpret her in that way. that's not to say that daddy won't be able to as well, but not as quickly and not as well.

    she'll start to play, she'll start to be a little bit more independent, you'll start to get to know her as the person she is and is yet to become and you'll wonder at this amazing child that came from you.

    you'll still get frustrated. schedules won't work, feedings will be stressful, just when you think you know her she'll change and you'll have to sprint to catch up.

    but soon you'll just realize that you really freakin' like your kid. you'll beam with pride when she "sings" during choir, or you'll think it's adorable that she loves that things that you love too.

    you'll see her with her daddy, and you'll fall in love with both of them all over again.

    it will get better.
    it WILL get better.

    even with teething and growth spurts and colds and shots and everything that can make it a little bit harder...it will get SO MUCH BETTER.

    you won't believe me, but you're almost there. you're ALMOST THERE.

    hang on. pray lots. kiss her more.

    it gets better.


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