playroom update

The playroom is finally DONE! It's been a work in progress. We played musical rooms in the basement for a bit, plus I'm so ADD when it comes to house projects. It goes like this, "Living room, living room, let's add a new rug! OOO THIS CLOCK! Wait, bedroom update? Oh...living room, playroom?"
Whatevs. It's workin' for me. 

Most of our toys are housed here. The girls have stuffed animals, books, and just a couple of toys in their bedroom. Arts and crafts supplies and board games are kept on the main floor (so I can supervise that a little easier--haha!), but everything else is here!

(Our basement has great big windows, but we don't get direct sunlight so the lighting is a little funky for pictures!)

I'm super anal about toy organization- everything has to have a place. Granted, my girls are definitely bucket-dumpers when it comes to playing, but as long as everything has a spot to go back to I'm a happy camper. (And all "like" toys must be grouped together. ;-) Like I said...anal. I love the Kallax storage unit from Ikea for this reason! 


I just inherited this adorable Pottery Barn table and chairs set from my parents -yay!  I love that it's solid wood and will last for many years to come. Plus it can be easily refinished after it inevitably gets enough dings and scratches. ;-) 

We purposely put my office space in the same area as the playroom, so I could work while the girls play. In theory, anyway. It doesn't usually happen during the summer, but I'm hoping to make good use of the space this school year! 

This fun little retro kitchen (also from Pottery Barn) is the perfect height for Olivia! Jillian still plays with it but is starting to prefer other toys instead, so it works out well! The wire bins I found in the blessed Target dollar section and hung them on the wall with Command hooks. All hail ye Command hooks.

You can see the corner of the futon peeking out from the corner, which has been great so far for extra seating, more play space, and a place for my parents to sleep when they visit! I'm still hoping to get some curtains up over the window, but that will happen when it happens. :-D

It's been a fun place for all of us to be so far!

PLAY letters: Hobby Lobby
Striped rugs: Hobby Lobby
Storage unit & baskets: Ikea
Kitchen: Pottery Barn
Table & chairs: Pottery Barn
Futon & slip: Ikea 
"Be Brave" wooden sign: Salty Bison
Campfire logs set: Land of Nod
Rocking horse: Melissa & Doug 

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