our first camping trip!

We went on our very first camping trip last weekend! That's got to be some sort of rite of passage, right? James hadn't been camping since he was a teenager and I hadn't been since I was 9! Thus, I shamefully admit I had to search Pinterest for a camping packing list.

Since the cousins we went with have a trailer, we decided we also wanted something besides a tent to save us from the bears and serial killers. ;-) (Okay me, I decided...I mean, BEARS). We rented a 35ft 1998 Winnebago- which was awesome! and massive! Thank goodness James wasn't afraid to drive that boat because I'm not even really confident in my ability to successfully drive a minivan. 
(And the scratches down the side of the one I drove in high school back me up on this).

It was perfect to play and explore outside, then let the kids go inside the RV and watch a movie with some popcorn in the hottest part of the day! (I can really do the "glamping" thing--peeing in the woods out of necessity is not my idea of a good time).

Our view from Payson Canyon was beautiful! It was our first time up that canyon and definitely different than I was expecting, but pretty nevertheless. When we were driving up there was a caution sign that said "cows on road". And lo and behold about five minutes later, there was a cow walking right down the middle of the road! They just roam freely around the canyon. One morning we woke up to 6-7 of them right in our campsite!

Olivia basically played in dirt for two days straight, so she was pretty much in heaven! (Contrast that to her sister who hates being or feeling messy). That was probably the best thing about camping--no one cares if you're dirty and smelly because so is everyone else! But it was nice being able to shower the grime off the girls before bedtime! RV for the win!

We went on a fun, short little hike to a small waterfall called the Grotto! The girls absolutely loved it. We saw several deer on the hike just a few yards from us. We also had to crossover several bridges made from tree logs split in half- they thought that was the coolest thing!

Their favorite part was splashing around in the rocks and frigid water at the base of the falls.

Doing a nature scavenger hunt one morning!

The most delicious breakfast hash...MAN we ate some good food! James' cousin, Jon, is a fantastic cook. Between the delicious meat and number of s'mores consumed, I'm sure I gained a couple pounds...woooorth it!

Learning to roast 'mallows--an essential life skill.

The closest thing we got to a group shot!

My new favorite way to make a s'more: Ritz crackers, Reese cup, and toasted marshmallow. If you like salty and sweet combinations- you will LOVE this! I definitely liked it better than traditional graham crackers!

I got some fun crystal packets on Amazon that you throw into the fire and the chemical reaction turns the flames different colors! The kids thought it was pretty cool (so did I).

We had such a great time I think we decided to make this an annual cousin camping trip! (Though next year we will definitely rent a smaller RV--one that isn't quite so scary to drive down canyon switchbacks!).

(And the night we got home we rented and watched the movie RV with Robin Williams! It was even funnier after having an accurate frame of reference!)

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