florida part 3!

The last of our vacation!
James had to get back to Utah (something about working or something to make a living? Paying bills? I dunno. ;-) but the girls and I stayed an additional week to party! To celebrate the 4th we started by swimming and having a picnic lunch by the pool, then went to the theater to see The BFG- which was adorable! Olivia lost interest about 2/3 of the way through and wanted to walk up and down our row to eat popcorn off the floor (meh, happens). Then we ate...Italian food! (don't judge us, we still love America. And also pasta.). At dusk we moseyed on over to the lake for the small fireworks show the town does.

I had high hopes this year, but Jillian is still afraid of sparklers! Even with the clever cup-over-your-hand trick. We watched the fireworks from far away enough this year that the volume didn't bother her, but we had ear plugs ready anyway. Sometimes this sensory processing stuff really throws me and I have no idea how to parent around it. It's a grand experiment in wingin' it you guys.

^Have I mentioned we got to meet my brand new first ever NEPHEW this trip!? And we were matching, so naturally I demanded a picture. Seriously those cheeks slay me. Baby Benji is a keeper!

We had to squeeze in another beach trip before we left! This time we went to Anastasia State Park.

^SEE?! Keeper. Total keeper.

Jillian didn't have much interest in playing in the ocean (unlike her sister) on our previous beach trip, but this time she was loving it! 

^Me and my Momma!

My Dad doesn't love the beach (umm..are we even related?), but we were happy he came and "endured" it with us anyway! Don't tell him, but those 5 granddaughters have him wrapped around their little fingers! So, "Papa aren't you coming to the beach?!" is pretty much all it took.

After the beach we went to Salt Life for lunch. Jillian tried and LOVED their calamari! I don't blame her- it was some of the best I've had! She thought it was hilarious she was eating squid and has requested it a couple of times since. A foodie that one...

All in all this was one of my favorite trips back to Florida. We have a stock pile of memories to get us through to our next trip! <3 br="">

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