nana came to town!

Last week James was in Washington DC all week for school, and since I have an irrational fear of axe murderers and escaped convicts my mom came to stay with us for a week! ;-) It's not like it takes much convincing for her to hop on a plane and come out any way- for which I am very grateful!

Jillian LOVES my parents and I love that they are so involved in her life even though they're 2,500(ish) miles away! 

We had a fun time going to the farm, getting treats- too many treats-, shopping, and going to the puppy barn! (Yes, a barn full of puppies that you just get to go cuddle! For free!! Whhaaa??) 

It's kind of funny any time that my Mom is around, I instantly become irrelevant. "Nana, can you get me a drink?" "Nana, can you read me a book?" "Nana, will you button my pants?"
"Jillian, I can help you too..."
I guess I should appreciate the break. :-p 

We sure do love Nana! I'm super excited that she and my Dad are coming back in just a few weeks! We are so blessed to see our family often! 

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