long days, longer nights

There's a common phrase- that's been around probably forever- to remind young mother's that childhood is fleeting, to savor the sweet moments and enjoy the cuddles because soon they'll come to an end. 
"The days are long but the years are short."
What it should say is, "The days are long, the years are short, but the nights are the longest."


Well, they do, but not terribly well and ESPECIALLY not at the same time. I swear they're in cahoots to drive my crazy. They must talk about it at times when I'm not looking or paying attention (or when I'm halfway asleep in my cereal bowl at 7am- probably then). "What can we do tonight to keep Mom up as much as possible, preferably getting in and out of bed multiple times?" Jillian will say to Olivia. And Olivia responds, "Ooo! I know! I'll cut a tooth tonight!"
"Perfect! And then when you finally get rocked back to sleep after a dose and a half of Tylenol spiked with a little Benadryl, I'll wake up exactly 12 minutes later asking for Bandaids for my feet because I have growing pains and sticking Bandaids all over them miraculously cures me. But then I'll forget to ask for more water so I'll do that another 20 minutes or so after the Bandaids."
"Okay sounds like a plan. Wait for the cue- 30 minutes after Mom falls asleep."

It must happen. I'm convinced. Somehow, someway even through heightened emotions and basically zero logic, toddlers are tiny little evil geniuses. 
And the less sleep they get, the MORE genius they become. It's a vicious cycle. 

I know, I know...all of you experienced mothers who've earned your medals of honor, wearing your dark circles and puffy eyes camouflaged so well by concealer like a badge of pride (or maybe just survival), you'll swear to me it will get better and in hindsight the time does fly and yadda yadda.  You're the only thing pulling me through- my light at the end of the sleepless years tunnel. Because I have no hindsight at 2am. Only "why-the heck-are-you-awake-again" sight. And I've yet to find a concealer to cover that up.

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