laundry room makeover!

I guess "room" is a bit generous- it's a closet. A laundry closet. One day I'll have a room dedicated to just laundry (heaven knows we make enough dirty laundry to fill one), but for now a closet will suffice! Especially now that it's ORGANIZED!! 

I went back and forth a few times on spending the time/money to redo a space that is seen by virtually no one but me. But I hated it. Nothing was organized at ALL- which starts to give me the shakes after a while. And if all of my effort was only for me to be happier using this space that gets used so often- that's reason enough.

The "before" pictures in their barren, yet cluttered glory:


The first thing that needed to happen here was some serious storage. I took out the random bar underneath the bottom shelf and added a third shelf, which definitely helped in this small room! If you can't store outwards- store upwards! 

The paint color is "sea salt" by Sherwin Williams. It's probably my favorite color. It's like a washed out blue/green/gray. Perfection.
Money saving tip: Sherwin Williams has fantastic colors- but their paint is pricey!! I bought a sample from the store then took it Lowe's and had them color match it. A gallon from Sherwin Williams was $50, and a gallon of Valspar at Lowe's was $25. That's a 50% savings!! 

The top baskets are from Target with small chalkboards I had leftover from something somewhere hot glued on the front. The wire/canvas baskets are from Wal-mart (of all places)! Now everything is in a place. A contained, pretty, labeled place. Seriously stuff like that makes my heart skip a beat.

I really wanted to get a sorting hamper that would go between the washer and dryer, but since our new set was wider- that wasn't an option. But this totally works! It's actually nice because when a basket is full I just dump it straight into the washer! 

I also hot glued chalkboard signs on each of them (3 for $3 in the Target dollar section! Seriously...have you ever seen a better dollar section than the one at Target?!).

The shelving unit on the wall is actually a part of a closet shelving system sold by Ikea. I love it because you buy every piece separately (for super cheap) and assemble it how you need it! Another genius storage solution from Ikea...surprise, surprise.

I always set aside items that need some extra scrubbing to get the stains out, and now they have a convenient little place to hang out until I can get to them (usually Olivia's onesies...). 

The BEST stain remover in the WHOLE world is 2 parts hydrogen peroxide+1 part Dawn dish soap+1 part baking soda. Scrub it in and let it sit for a few hours then wash it normally. Haven't encountered a baby stain yet that miracle mixture can't handle! 

Storing my detergent, bleach, and fabric softener in glass bottles is purely aesthetic. But doesn't it make you happy not to see any giant plastic bottles anywhere??? Or is that just me.. o_o 

Shameless plug for my Etsy shop. ;-) This cute little laundry guide print is up in my shop for only 5 bucks! There are a few other colors and styles too. 

Maybe...just maybe I'll be better at doing laundry now. ;-) 

March's projects won't be near as interesting- a little painting and restyling here and there, but all stuff that needs to get done.

After that I think I'm going to tackle a few things on the main level again before giving the master bedroom a facelift, namely the living room entertainment center/shelving situation. I am LOVING these faux built-ins:

Insert giant heart-eyed emoji. 

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