my little sister's reception in FL

I guess I can't call her little anymore...
I actually got married younger than she did (by a year), but looking at her now- from my wise, old age of 26- I think, "Holy COW you're just a BABY!...holy cow I was just a baby!" 

Anyway, I've come to accept it. Though I won't lie, I'm having a hard time giving her up and sharing her with someone else. 

But helping my mom plan Michaela's Florida reception was so fun. There is no doubt where I get my passion for planning parties and decorating from. We started scheming the night she told us they were engaged!

The reception didn't go quite as planned, but it was still a blast. And by 'quite as planned' I mean it was supposed to be primarily in my parent's beautiful backyard and then it monsooned. Poured rain. POURED. Just like their wedding day in Utah! Haha...you know what they say about rain on your wedding day...(and rain during the reception in another state? Maybe?) 

{All photography by the lovely Amy Buchanan}

 photo 28d2c014-68a1-4d22-97bd-a48925367e43_zpsc7b01f14.jpg

Hand-painted letters by Connie Driggers.

 photo DSC_1222_zps86d61aa6.jpg
 photo DSC_1274_zpsc1f21075.jpg photo DSC_1159copy_zps5f544d43.jpg
 photo c1aa9a63-c67c-4964-b1b7-26e3117a1508_zps96b32980.png photo DSC_0992_zps00d54fcd.jpg

 photo cf15e427-95c1-4dbf-8822-594b093dec58_zps350f98da.png
 photo DSC_1394_zpsce5da56d.jpg

 photo 22d6da6a-d8a6-44ca-8189-7420a9b86736_zps0ac1bc4f.png

 photo DSC_1018_zps398e29d9.jpg
Mmmm....caaaaaake. One of my favorite details of the whole reception was the cake display. I most definitely tried each delicious flavor.
Thanks to Michelle Bell for making these scrumptious little things!
 photo DSC_1016_zpsc4f94c37.jpg photo 9861c61b-26ae-47ea-91b1-37c4d9796c54_zpsee3e3e7a.png
 photo cd45bdbf-2f01-4ab4-b02a-a657c1f41bf3_zps8f86cb3e.png
Kristy Peacock you truly outdid yourself with this wedding cake! Totally gorgeous and the BEST red velvet cake I have EVER had. Naked cakes are my new favorite thing. Fondant is gross anyway. 
If you're in the North Florida area and want a beautiful (and ridiculously tasty) wedding cake, check out Kristy's facebook page for Posh Pastry.
The cake topper is from Better Off Wed on Etsy.
 photo DSC_1502_zps5b513bef.jpg
 photo 03d57bf3-0c63-4c64-b29f-1f7775461ecb_zps1dce3a6d.png
 photo 19d60c69-a0b3-4953-9878-89a6d906e562_zps49fc9cd7.png

The favors display was fun to put together! Do you get the sign? (Cause it's really humid in Florida in August...get it? Get it?) ;-p
Honey favors are from My Wedding Favors.

 photo 239fd87a-cdf3-419e-b566-ae286151e122_zpsa11722c6.png

S'MORES BAR! Need I say more?
 photo DSC_1422_zps8033398d.jpg photo DSC_1344_zpsce699cb9.jpg

 photo DSC_1611_zpsbccc8f3a.jpg
Michaela has mad dance moves.

 photo DSC_1595_zps5215c354.jpg
One of us tans well and the other just burns crispy...can you tell who is who? ;-)

 photo DSC_1440_zps75ede51c.jpg

It was pouring at this point and these crazies still danced in the rain.

 photo da2005ea-1934-4344-9d22-dbc9709b3aa5_zps2f94576f.jpg
And at some point, since everyone was wet from dancing in the rain, Timmy (with the help of Josh) pushed Michaela into the pool. Did we not see this happening at some point in the evening? (hint: we did).

 photo 85bd6463-8df9-401c-b9ac-6959741b8e3b_zps924d6d72.jpg

And then my Mom pushed Timmy into the pool.

 photo c632c290-e0e4-470d-be1e-554b4014e90b_zps237e3d6f.jpg
And then my Dad tackled my Mom into the pool.
And I stood very far away (as to not be next).

 photo DSC_1661_zps8c387422.jpg 
Although it was a very wet night, it was still a lot of fun! 
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bates!


  1. So cute!! What a fabulous job you guys did on the Florida reception!!!!
    I had to check out your cute etsy shop too- adorbs!!! I didn't know that you made their "est. 2014" sign!!! You're so talented!! :)
    -Love Steph Bates, (your little Sister's new sis-in-law; in case you don't know who the creeper is writing all this HA!)


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