mommy blinders: airport edition

The last of our summer gallivanting has come to an end, with a short and sweet trip to Florida for Michaela and Timmy's wedding reception (pics of that to come later!). 
Earning her wings, this flight was Olivia's first! Jillian is a seasoned champ by now- I've lost count of how many plane rides she has taken- it's probably somewhere between 15-25; a bi-product of my parents living 3,000 miles away. 

She did wonderful though! No meltdowns, kept to her basic schedule (eat, look around, go to sleep), no massive blowouts- dream baby, really. 
And then there's Jillian, who does "okay" for most flights she takes. But there have been a few barely tolerable 37,000 feet excursions that force me to break out the MOMMY BLINDERS.

You know what they are- you wear them too. 
When your toddler screams at the top of their lungs in what suddenly feels like the smallest plane to ever exist as she chucks a toy into a neighboring aisle. When she has a panic attack at the top of the escalator causing a major traffic jam. When she sits down in the middle of the floor at the Atlanta Airport- one of the busiest in the world- and just refuses to move. 

Mommy blinders. When you deliberately avoid eye contact with anyone around you doing whatever it takes to diffuse or abort the present situation, because you already know people are staring- other mothers sigh in validation while childless adults stare at the horror unfolding before them (after all, kids like yours are probably the reason they chose not to procreate). 
It's when you brave the strongest poker face in the world to get through whatever situation your beloved offspring is hurdling your direction without apology, while you silently repeat, "I think I can I think I can I think I can." Or maybe your mantra is a little more like, "as#$)@(#$!!!!!". (Six one-half dozen or the other, as my momma would say.)
The mommy blinders come out in many situations actually, including but not limited to: the grocery store check out line, the mall, and leaving the park (or anything fun really). And I was definitely rockin' mine today- but we made it. We may be sweaty, stained, and exhausted but we always make it. And I have to say, I'm 100% more empathetic now more than ever to the moms with the babies who cry entire flights, or with the kids who yell and spill juice everywhere. I'm definitely looking at you sporting that poker face feeling 100% validated that I'm not the only one! 

And now to abruptly switch subjects- I bought the Ergo 360 (more like hunted down- the things were selling like hot cakes, being they're the newest model) to tote Olivia around the airport and was somewhat disappointed. Going from a soft and comfy Solly wrap to a strappy and structured backpack didn't do much for my shoulders and back. If anyone has any recommendations of other wrap-style baby carriers you can use for outward facing, front carrying positions I'm ALL ears! 

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