ikea spice rack bookshelves

The girls' room is coming along! A few finishing touches and we'll be ready to share.

I wanted to add some bookshelves to make a non-functional corner of the room more useful and to house some of the many children's books we have (the teacher in me hoards books like a fat kid hoards Halloween candy). 

Enter the Ikea spice rack. I'd been seeing lots of these racks made over into bookshelves on Pinterest and was all for the idea. Best part? They're only $4 a piece! Way cheaper than actual bookshelves. I stained and painted these for a little extra work fun.

(note to self: cut the tag off the basket)

Painted or not, they are super cute, functional, CHEAP, and customizable. Here are some other spice-rack-turned-bookshelves that I'm loving:

As seen on Hula Hoop Photography 

If you missed the girls' room full closet makeover- check it out HERE.
The rest of the room should be done next month! 

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