michaela's bridal shower

Michaela's bridal shower was so fun! I still can't believe my sister is old enough to get married. I got married when I was a year younger than her and I felt like I was old enough. But now in my maturity and wisdom in my 26th year I think, holy COW I was just a baby!

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It was so fun to plan and put together! We wanted to be fancy, and fancy we were. One of these days I'll go into professional party planning...*sigh. How does one even get into that kind of thing?

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The mimosa bar was delicious and one of my favorite details! (all virgin of course...you know...Mormon) :-p  My favorite combination was the pomegranate with raspberries! 
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If you've never eaten raspberry rolls from Shirley's bakery, I literally feel sorry for you. On the menu was quiche, chorizo skewers with gouda cheese and a green olive, asparagus pesto tarts (recipe here), fruit, and cookie bars and key lime tarts from Kneaders bakery. We have some leftovers and I'm so excited to eat this for every meal the next two days. 
This is also why I'm NEVER going to lose the rest of this baby weight...DANGIT!

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The bride who made out like a bandit! Seriously...how gorgeous is she? Just wait until you see her in her wedding dress. It is STUNNING!
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The favors were different scented bars of soap from The Body Shop.
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The kids had their own little party in the backyard and had so much fun playing together and munching on donuts and Bagel Bites! 

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Michaela with our Mom and Timmy's Mom. 

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Annddd this is my super cute niece Addy. I want to smoosh her little cheeks!!! 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came and supported Michaela today and to Kimber for hosting with me!
I can't wait for the actual wedding! EEK!

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